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Career Planning: Opinions of Specialists

Career planning is very important. Career is divided into two types – professional and career inside an organization. Under career inside an organization is commonly implied determining of long-term perspectives of each employee in the given organization. Professional career is stages of development that each member of personnel passes during the life. It implies choosing of profession, education and development of certain skills. In contemporary practice, professional career is rarely connected with certain organization. Usually it is developed in several companies.

Career inside an Organization

Career inside and organization is important for both an employee, and employer and HR-department, but its significance can appear in different aspects. Usually, thinking about perspectives of personal work in the organization, for individual the most important role play own ambitions and goals. They include material welfare and satisfaction degree of carried out duties. At the same time the personnel overall performance is mainly important to management. Ideally interests of the employee and the company coincide. That is employees at forecasting of possible career steps reflect not only on the benefit, but also about requirements of business.

Certainly, the given variant is most preferable to the employer. It means that long time of working provides the company with qualified personnel and solves a problem of professional satisfaction of the employee. Thus, career planning directly is connected with creation of a personnel reserve. Actually, it is the same process because the personnel reserve leans against the counted prospects of development of the most important employees of the company. The same as and in case of creation of a reserve of shots, management of career should concern strategically important directions of work with the personnel.

Thus it is necessary to stipulate that it is a question not only about career inside an organization – professional career should be taken necessarily into consideration. It is connected by that career plans and possibilities are in direct dependence on a stage of professional development of the concrete employee.